Project stages

The project involves three stages: Stakeholder Consultation, Intervention Development, and Forecasting. Each involves a number of activities, which we describe below. Following the Forecasting stage, we will commence data collection and analysis, and write-up for publication in an academic journal and a policy brief. Specific dates will appear under the Events tab and in our Twitter account, @AMRCollab. If you have signed up to participate, you will also receive information by e-mail.

1. Stakeholder Consultation

In this first stage, we invite stakeholders for consultation on all aspects of the project and its design. An essential objective of the consultation is to determine the primary outcome variable, which we will aim to improve with the experimental materials designed in the Intervention Development stage.

2. Intervention Development

In the second stage, we involve stakeholders and academic experts to design experimental treatment material for the study. This will take place during workshops organised once the Stakeholder Consultation stage is completed, and a primary outcome variable decided.

3. Forecasting

In the third stage, forecasters make a prediction about the effect of each treatment on the outcome variable. Forecasting takes place once the Intervention Development sessions are completed, but before data collection begins. Forecasters complete a survey with details about the study and each of the treatments included.

Get involved

If you are interested in participating, you will find more information about the project under the ‘Get involved’ tab.